An Assessment of Capacity Building in Washington State

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An assessment of capacity building in Washington State and one of the first frameworks for understanding community capacity. This study looks at capacity building from a strategic, statewide perspective and provides a framework for thinking systematically about capacity-building investments at a state or community level; an assessment of the capacity building landscape; and opportunities for investment in:

  • Capacity-building at the individual nonprofit level – grants directly to nonprofits, or through local intermediaries with particular emphasis on small- and mid-sized organizations.
  • Strengthening the nonprofit ecosystems of specific local communities – through grants to local capacity-building institutions, or by convening local partners to identify/prioritize weak or missing elements in the ecosystem.
  • Specific essential elements across ecosystems statewide – for example, making Nonprofit 101 help reliably available everywhere, or building a common referral system for capacity building assistance.
  • Rural solutions that address the specific challenges of rural Washington.
  • Filling gaps for specific knowledge and service delivery tools – ways to effectively deliver knowledge about board governance, fundraising, financial management, strategic planning; or broadening the availability of service delivery tools such as distance learning or executive coaching.

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