ABFE is a membership-based philanthropic organization that advocates for responsive and transformative investments in Black communities. Partnering with foundations, nonprofits and individuals, ABFE provides its members with professional development and technical assistance resources that further the philanthropic sector’s connection and responsiveness to issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. Established in 1971 as the Association of Black Foundation Executives, the all-volunteer organization was credited with many of philanthropy’s early gains in diversity. It since has evolved into a fully staffed, influential network. In 2013, the organization shed its descriptor and adopted the simpler ABFE (ab-fee) to better reflect its broadening membership. Read more

Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group

The Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group is a dynamic and diverse network of organizations and individuals funding efforts that benefit Africa and its people. We offer new and experienced funders opportunities to build strong professional relationships and deepen their understanding of current trends to help make strategic funding decisions.

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

AAPIP (Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy) is a national member-supported philanthropic advocacy organization dedicated to advancing philanthropy and Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Our members include foundations, staff and trustees of grantmaking institutions, and nonprofit organizations in ten regional chapters across the United States. AAPIP engages communities and philanthropy to address unmet needs; serves as a resource for and about AAPI communities; supports and facilitates giving by and to AAPI communities; and incubates new ideas and approaches to building democratic philanthropy.

Bolder Advocacy – Alliance for Justice

Bolder Advocacy is an initiative of Alliance for Justice and promotes the role of nonprofits and foundations in public policy. Bolder Advocacy offers one-on-one coaching, workshops, web-based trainings, expert presentations, and hundreds of resources that clarify the complex rules and regulations that apply to nonprofit advocacy. We track legislation, respond to political and policy threats, and fight for the rights of nonprofits and foundations to advocate for themselves and the constituencies they serve. We also provide regular news and commentary on advocacy developments to promote an expanded dialogue on the importance of advocacy. The Bolder Advocacy initiative includes: An online resource Read more


CFLeads is a national network of community foundations committed to building stronger communities through community leadership. We believe community foundations stand as powerful forces for good in our communities. We also believe that we have the tools to help. And we believe we are stronger, and more effective, together. Our vision: Community foundations are vital partners in building communities where all residents are prosperous, healthy and secure. Our mission: We help community foundations build strong communities by advancing effective practices, sharing knowledge, and galvanizing action on critical issues of our time. What we do: CFLeads offers conferences, forums, webinars, resources, structured intensive learning Read more

CHANGE Philanthropy

CHANGE Philanthropy (formerly known as Joint Affinity Groups) was founded in 1993 to unify identity-focused philanthropic affinity groups into an empowered coalition. Coming together, our seven core partners are working to integrate diversity, inclusion, and social justice into philanthropic practice, transforming the sector’s culture to be one that embraces equity.

Collective Impact Forum

The Collective Impact Forum exists to support the efforts of those who are practicing collective impact in the field. While the rewards of collective impact can be great, the work is often demanding. Those who practice it must keep themselves and their teams motivated and moving forward. The Collective Impact Forum is the place to find the tools and training that can help achieve success. It’s an expanding network of like-minded individuals coming together from across sectors to share useful experience and knowledge and thereby accelerating the effectiveness, and further adoption, of the collective impact approach as a whole. The Read more

Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy

CECP is a coalition of CEOs united in the belief that societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance. Founded in 1999, CECP has grown to a movement of more than 150 CEOs of the world’s largest companies across all industries.

D5 Coalition

D5 is a five-year coalition to grow philanthropy’s diversity, equity, and inclusion. We envision a philanthropic sector in which foundations draw on the power of diverse staffs and boards to achieve lasting impact, forge genuine partnerships with diverse communities, and increase access to opportunities and resources for all people. To realize this vision, we are working toward four big sector changes: Leaders: New foundation CEO, staff, and trustee appointments more closely reflect U.S. demographic trends. Action: More foundations take meaningful action to address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in their organizations. Funding: Annual funding for diverse communities increases substantially. Data: Read more

Disability Funders Network

Disability Funders Network evolved from Funding Partnership for People with Disabilities, a grantmakers collaborative created in 1990 to assist implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

EPIP exists because the foundation industry is traditionally dominated by mid-career and retired leaders. The 1990s saw the start of an ongoing boom in the number of foundations and the need for professional staff. Hundreds of young nonprofit and community leaders have been hired into foundation jobs. While there has been much buzz about the inter-generational transfer of wealth, the field has not acknowledged the generational shift in the staff realm. Hence, this emerging cadre of grantmakers has not been nurtured, utilized to the fullest, or networked as a cohort. This situation betrays a larger gap in professional education for Read more

Environmental Grantmakers Association

EGA works with members and partners to promote effective environmental philanthropy by sharing knowledge, fostering debate, cultivating leadership, facilitating collaboration, and catalyzing action.

Evaluation Roundtable

The Evaluation Roundtable is a network of foundation evaluation leaders that seeks to improve how foundations learn about the results of their grantmaking and increase the impact of their work. The centerpiece of the Evaluation Roundtable is our convenings, which allows participants to step back and delve into substantive issues that they rarely get a chance to discuss. We also study and publish research on foundation effectiveness so that evaluators and foundation staff can understand, debate and improve foundation practice.

Family Office Exchange

The world’s largest peer-to-peer network for ultra-wealthy families and their family offices and the leading authority on matters related to legacy wealth management.

Foundation Financial Officers Group

FFOG is the Foundation Financial Officers Group, a non-profit membership organization of financial and investment officers of large private foundations in the United States and abroad. FFOG has more than 400 members from 200 foundations in the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Israel.

Funders Concerned About AIDS

FCAA envisions a world without AIDS, facilitated by a philanthropic sector that works collaboratively, transparently, and urgently to ensure focused and robust funding for evidence-based interventions in the treatment and prevention of HIV infection, advocacy, research, and exploration of new methods to hasten the end of AIDS, and investments that address the social inequities, health disparities, and human rights abuses that fueled the spread the epidemic. Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) mobilizes the leadership, ideas, and resources of funders to eradicate the global HIV/AIDS pandemic and to address its social and economic dimensions.

Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Working side-by-side with funders and our movement’s organizations through three decades, Funders for LGBTQ Issues remains the sole organization dedicated exclusively to increasing institutional giving to LGBTQ communities. Mission Funders for LGBTQ Issues seeks to mobilize philanthropic resources that enhance the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities, promote equity, and advance racial, economic and gender justice. Vision An empowered and functioning democracy with full equality under the law, equal access to services, unconditional respect for difference and the meaningful participation of all communities at tables where decisions are made. We seek to accomplish our mission by: Serving Read more

Funders Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities

The Funders’ Network is a membership organization that helps grantmakers across North America advance strategies to create fair, prosperous, and sustainable regions and communities that offer everyone the chance for a good life. We believe that the suite of tools available to funders―investing, grantmaking, collaborating, convening, facilitating, and more―uniquely position them to lead the movement for smarter growth policies and practices that benefit both places and people.

Funders’ Committee for Citizen Participation

The Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP) exists to promote civic participation as a key to making our democracy work. We serve leaders in the philanthropic community working to further this vision with heightened attention to issues of equity and historically disenfranchised and underrepresented communities. Our members support non-partisan efforts to engage voters, eliminate structural barriers to voting, advance reforms to improve government and electoral systems, and inspire public involvement in civic life.

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees

GCIR works with a growing network of member foundations, as well as the greater philanthropic community, on a wide range of immigration and immigrant integration issues, including education, health, employment, civic participation, racial and economic justice, and other concerns affecting immigrant children, youth, and families. Some of our members have longstanding immigrant-specific funding initiatives, but most members incorporate immigrant and refugee issues into their core grantmaking programs.

Grantmakers for Education

Founded in 1995, Grantmakers for Education is a membership organization of hundreds of grantmaking organizations across the nation working to improve outcomes and expand opportunities for learners across the education spectrum, from early learning through postsecondary and workforce development. We deepen the impact of education grantmakers by enhancing their knowledge about effective education strategies and high-impact grantmaking strategies. To impact all learners, we are committed to strong and vibrant public education system.

Grantmakers in Aging

Grantmakers In Aging is an inclusive and responsive membership organization that is a national catalyst for philanthropy, with a common dedication to improving the experience of aging. GIA members have a shared recognition that a society that is better for older adults is a society that is better for people of all ages. Grantmakers In Aging provides its members with a personal connection to key people, high-quality resources, and state-of-the art ideas about aging and all issues related to aging. Dedicated to promoting and strengthening grantmaking for an aging society, GIA is the only international professional organization of grantmakers active Read more

Grantmakers in Health

Grantmakers In Health (GIH) is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to helping foundations and corporate giving programs improve the health of all people. Its mission is to foster communication and collaboration among grantmakers and others, and to help strengthen the grantmaking community’s knowledge, skills, and effectiveness.

Grantmakers in the Arts

The mission of Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) is to provide leadership and service to advance the use of philanthropic resources on behalf of arts and culture. GIA is the only national association of private and public funders making grants to artists and arts organizations in America. GIA’s strength is in its diversity of members: private, family, community and corporate foundations, national, state and local governmental agencies, nonprofit national, regional and local service organizations. What they all have in common is a belief that America is a better place to live and our communities are stronger when the creativity of Read more

Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce

The Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce (GIST) is a national network of grantmakers interested in improving the economic well-being of low-income families in the United States. Established in 1992, GIST operates as an umbrella group for participating funders and philanthropic advisors, providing a neutral forum for strategic discussion and acting as a vehicle to encourage co-investment among foundations and facilitate cooperation among grantees on high priority issues.

Grassroots Grantmakers

Grassroots Grantmakers is a network of people, organizations and institutions who are united by their commitment to welcoming, vibrant, resilient, and just communities where all really means all, funding practice that is about “walking alongside” citizens with respect and humility, learning that connects theory with practice and is enriched by many perspectives, and growing opportunities for groups that everyday people form for mutual aid, delight and collective action to move their ideas into action.

Harm Reduction International

Our vision is a world in which individuals and communities benefit from drug laws, policies and practices that promote health, dignity and human rights. We work to reduce drug related harms by promoting evidence based public health policy and practices and human rights based approaches to drug policy through an integrated programme of research, analysis, advocacy and civil society strengthening.

Hispanics in Philanthropy

HIP’s mission is to strengthen Latino communities by increasing resources for the Latino and Latin American civil sector; increasing Latino participation and leadership throughout the field of philanthropy; and fostering policy change to enhance equity and inclusiveness.

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is a recognized Affinity Group of the Council on Foundations. We work to increase philanthropic investment in Indigenous communities around the world promoting cross-cultural understanding, sharing of knowledge, and the cultivation of relationships among international donors and Indigenous grant-seekers. IFIP provides leadership, educational resources, and networking opportunities to donors who have developing or maturing interests in Indigenous Philanthropy. IFIP helps individual and institutional donors at all stages of involvement and investment to advance their goals while becoming leaders and role models to others entering this fascinating and fast-changing Read more

International Human Rights Funders Group

The International Human Rights Funders Group is a global network of donors and grantmakers committed to advancing human rights around the world through effective philanthropy.

Jewish Funders Network

The Jewish Funders Network is an international organization dedicated to maximizing the quality and impact of Jewish philanthropy. Our members include independent philanthropists, foundation trustees and foundation professionals.

Mission Investors Exchange

Mission Investors Exchange is where philanthropic innovators exchange ideas, tools, and experiences to increase the impact of their capital. Mission Investors Exchange was launched in May 2012 as the culmination of the integration of PRI Makers Network and More For Mission. Mission Investors Exchange members include more than 230 foundations and mission investing organizations. Our full members are U.S. and some international foundations of all sizes and mission areas who use or are learning to use program-related and mission-related investing as a strategy to accomplish their philanthropic goals. Our affiliate members work in partnership with foundations to aggregate and deploy Read more

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

For more than 30 years, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) has served as the country’s independent watchdog of foundations. Over time, institutional grantmakers, federal and state governments, and individuals have taken our recommendations and turned them into policy, such as our promotion of comprehensive financial reporting for foundations as well as the inclusion of advocacy organizations in the Combined Federal Campaign—now both widely accepted as “good practice.” One of NCRP’s early accomplishments also involved tackling United Way’s monopoly on workplace fundraising. It played a critical role in the development of alternative workplace giving funds, such as Community Shares, Read more

Native Americans in Philanthropy

Native Americans in Philanthropy is a growing circle of nonprofits, tribal communities, and foundations committed to the beliefs, traditions and gifts of Native peoples. Engage We work together to develop meaningful philanthropic opportunities. Educate We learn together to master a method of philanthropy rooted in Native values. Empower We inspire each other to advance Native assets and strengths. Together, we power reciprocity and investment in Native communities.

Nexus – Global Youth Summit

Nexus is a global movement of 2000+ young people from over 70 countries working to increase and improve philanthropy and impact investing by bridging communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship.

Peace and Security Funders

The Peace and Security Funders Group is a network of public, private and family foundations, and individual philanthropists who make grants or expenditures that contribute to peace and global security. We maintain an informed, engaged and collegial community of funders, whose numbers and investments in the field are steadily increasing.

PEAK Grantmaking

PEAK Grantmaking is a member-led national association of professionals who specialize in grants management for funding organizations. The people of PEAK Grantmaking come together to form a vibrant community of grantmaking practice that advances shared leadership and learning across the sector. This is where Practice Meets Purpose. By cultivating resources, learning opportunities, and collaborations across the philanthropic spectrum, we support grantmaking practices designed to maximize mission-driven efficiency and effectiveness of funders of every size.

Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity

The Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity (PRE) is a multiyear initiative intended to increase the amount and effectiveness of resources aimed at combating institutional and structural racism in communities through capacity building, education and convening of grantmakers and grantseekers. Since its inception in January 2003, PRE has directly engaged hundreds of foundation representatives (including program staff, management, board members and individual donors) in discussions of racial equity and, in particular, how they can advance the mission of achieving racial equity through their own philanthropic institutions. PRE has conducted local and/or regional events in the Northwest, West, Midwest, Northeast and Southeast, Read more

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement

PACE – Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement is a learning community, not a funding community, of grantmakers and donors committed to strengthening democracy by using the power, influence and resources of philanthropy to open pathways to civic, democratic and community participation. PACE does not make grants or serve as a conduit for those seeking grants from PACE members.

Philanthropy Roundtable

The Philanthropy Roundtable’s mission is to foster excellence in philanthropy, to protect philanthropic freedom, to assist donors in achieving their philanthropic intent, and to help donors advance liberty, opportunity, and personal responsibility in America and abroad.

Resource Generation

Resource Generation organizes a multi-racial constituency of young people with inherited, earned, or future wealth who are committed to working for a just world. The broader Resource Generation community includes people of all ages and class backgrounds who support the role that young people with wealth play in social change. Our cross-class allies participate as board members, trainers, and organizational partners.

Science Philanthropy Alliance

Discovery-driven (basic) scientific research is critical to our long-term economic growth and societal well-being, and philanthropic institutions and individuals have a crucial role to play in supporting it. The Science Philanthropy Alliance was founded by six funders committed to discovery-driven scientific research who are working together to increase private investment in basic science and ultimately help ensure a better and more prosperous future. By promoting collaboration among those who are interested in this vital stage of scientific discovery, the Science Philanthropy Alliance aims to increase philanthropic funding for basic science by $1 billion within five years and to maximize the Read more

Social Impact Exchange

The Social Impact Exchange is a national membership association dedicated to building a capital marketplace that scales proven solutions to improve the lives of millions.

Synergos – Global Philanthropists Circle

Synergos helps solve the complex problems of poverty and inequality by promoting and supporting collaborations among business, government, civil society, and marginalized communities.

Technology Affinity Group

TAG is a membership organization of foundations that promotes the understanding of how information and communications technology can help its members further their philanthropic goals.

The Communications Network

The Communications Network supports foundations and nonprofits to improve lives through the power of smart communications. Formed nearly 20 years ago as a volunteer group, the Network today operates as a stand-alone 501(c), dedicated to helping advance, promote, and encourage the adoption of effective communications practices in philanthropy. Its membership, now approaching 300, represents a diverse mix of talent and communications expertise including foundation and nonprofit communicators, and consultants who assist both types of organizations. The Network elevates the quality of communications practice within foundations as well as the grantees they support by: Offering face-to-face and online professional development programs Read more

US SIF – The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment

US SIF – The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment is the US membership association for professionals, firms, institutions and organizations engaged in sustainable and responsible investing. US SIF and its members advance investment practices that consider environmental, social and corporate governance criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact. Our vision is a world in which investment capital helps build a sustainable and equitable economy. US SIF’s members include investment management and advisory firms, mutual fund companies, research firms, financial planners and advisors, broker-dealers, banks, credit unions, community development organizations, non-profit associations, and pension funds, foundations Read more

Women’s Funding Network

Thirty years ago, the women’s funding movement was a gathering of about 20 leaders who were convinced that philanthropy and social change needed to more fully recognize and include women’s voices. Learn more about our unique history and the efforts of women across centuries to spark greater investment in issues affecting women and girls. Today, Women’s Funding Network is a growing community of more than 160 women’s funds and foundations spanning 30 countries. Our latest annual report and impact reports share stories, data, and more about how our Network is making a difference locally, regionally, and globally. Serving this growing Read more

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

YNPN is a national 501(c)3 grassroots nonprofit organization that engages and supports future nonprofit leaders through professional development, networking, and social opportunities. Beginning in 1997 as a small gathering of peers in San Francisco, YNPN has since grown from word-of-mouth and local volunteer leadership teams, to a nearly 30,000-member network composed of five affiliate chapters, including San Francisco; New York City; Washington, DC; Chicago; Denver; and dozens of emerging chapters in other cities across the country.

Youth Transition Funders

The Youth Transition Funders Group is a network of grantmakers whose mission is to help all youth make a successful transition to adulthood by age 25. Most young people make a safe passage from adolescence to adulthood with the support of their families, caring adults, communities, and schools. However, youth with few supports – such as teens aging out of the foster care system, youth who don’t finish high school, or youth in the juvenile justice system – need help to find the right path to success. YTFG is dedicated to improving the lives of the 3 million young people, Read more