2016 Salary and Jobs Survey Report

Results from GMN’s 2015 salary and jobs survey are now available in the 2016 Salary and Jobs Survey Report. More than 300 grants managers contributed to the salary and jobs survey. You’ll find data on– activities, staffing, and structures of grantmaking organizations; qualifications and experience of grants management professionals; compensation and benefits, including salary increases; job responsibilities for executive, supervisory/management, professional, and business support level positions, including specific components of grants management; and career activities and plans of survey respondents. The contents of the report can be used to– prepare for a performance and salary review; benchmark for strategic planning Read more

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A Snapshot: Compensation in Corporate Responsibility

This info graphic provides a snapshot of salaries and compensation for corporate responsibility professionals.  The full report is available with membership to ACCP.

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Board Recruitment Matrix

Plan for the future of your organization. This tool, taken from The Board Building Cycle can be used by organizations interested in assessing their current make-up or by those preparing to recruit new members. The matrix helps track: areas of expertise and leadership qualities demographic information community connections

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Employee Empowerment: The Key to Foundation Staff Satisfaction

Employee Empowerment combines quantitative analysis of surveys and in-depth interviews with key staff from two foundations who received high marks from their staff.

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Innovative Philanthropic Financing for Community Change

This report provides a concise summary of the East Baltimore Revitalization Initiative, with a focus on how the Annie E. Casey Foundation used innovative financing techniques to support the project. The report provides background on the initiative, which is working to transform an 88-acre area near the Johns Hopkins medical campus that has been hard hit by disinvestment and social problems. The report details transactions that helped finance the initiative and highlights the critical role innovative financing can play in complex redevelopment efforts. The report also offers lessons from these transactions for the philanthropic community, local officials, developers and lenders Read more

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Investing in Leadership

Leadership is one of a number of factors that determine the effectiveness of a nonprofit organization’s work. Visionary leaders possess the ability to assess the way things are and then inspire us to help create new solutions. In this sense, leadership does more than set policies and define goals; it creates a paradigm for a better world. This brief guide, part of the Philanthropy Roadmap series, is designed for both emerging and established philanthropists. It sets out five key questions that donors can ask to evaluate leadership.

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Overcoming Hidden Barriers to Board Diversity and Inclusion

Most nonprofit boards understand the potential benefits of board diversity and inclusion, yet many struggle to fulfill the promise offered. This resource provides two fictional case studies designed to highlight the mistakes boards can make when attempting to diversify. By explaining solutions to the problems illustrated in the case studies, this resource can help nonprofit boards grow more conscious and thoughtful about building an inclusive and diverse body.

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Program-Related Investments

Why is it that private foundations spend so little of their endowment on mission investing? Is there an opportunity to make it bigger? In this paper you will find an explanation of the barriers to mission investing, also known as Program Related Investment and Mission Related Investment, and a concluding hypothesis about what it will take to help remove the barriers. Educating foundation leadership, building foundation staff expertise, improving data quality and lowering the cost of making a mission investment are all issues to understand and address. If our hypothesis is correct, the time is now to build the necessary data, education Read more

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What Donors Value: How Community Foundations Can Increase Donor Satisfaction, Referrals, and Future Giving

To better understand how community foundations can best respond to the current environment, CEP asked donors about how satisfied they are with the community foundations with which they work. What matters most to them? What do these donors want from their community foundations? The research reveals that donor satisfaction is vital for community foundations. Donors who are more satisfied with their community foundation are more likely to indicate that they plan to continue giving and more likely to recommend the foundation to others. The data also show that the strongest predictors of donor satisfaction are donors’ sense of the foundation’s Read more

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Working With Government Officials: Rules for Private Foundations

This free (and fun) video resource covers the rules for private foundations related to working with government officials and ensure legal compliance, and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. The training features “Maya,” a program officer that helps participants through the course in a way that reflects actual experiences. Participants can return to the training at any time for a refresher and click on the individual modules to refer back to specific topics.

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