Advanced Mini-Intensive in Grantmaking

This course includes an in-depth analysis of evaluation models; proposal assessments; funder-grantee relationships and models, especially as they apply to particular funding areas and values-based grantmaking; changes in the philanthropy law and environment; and participant-presented case studies. Course content is updated based upon recommendations of the larger philanthropy field and past participants. The course is coordinated by Richard Marker, an internationally known thought leader in the grantmaking and philanthropy field. He is joined in class by several highly respected and prominent philanthropy experts. CEU: 4


Catagories: Beyond the Grant , Field/Sector Learning and Evaluation , General Grants , Grantmaking, In-Person Workshop, Issue-Specific Grants, New Grants Management, Organization Learning and Evaluation , Program Learning and Evaluation

Foundations of Philanthropy for Funders

In the United States, virtually everyone is asked to be charitable, but not everyone knows how to be philanthropic. Whether you work for a grantmaking foundation or you are personally committed to charitable giving, this course explores American philanthropy, the role of the funder, current best practices and ethical standards, the public’s relationship to nonprofit organizations, and the nature of grantmaking. Utilizing both theoretical and case-study methods, this interactive class provides the basis for subsequent coursework toward the Certificate in Grantmaking and Foundations. CEU: 1.5


Catagories: In-Person Workshop, Mission and Values, New Standards, Codes, and Ethics, Philanthropy's History, Role in Society