Organizational Profile

The Nonprofit Quarterly


NPQ is a nonprofit based in Boston. It has six staff members and a board of directors but what really fuels it and provides it its credibility are its community of volunteer content contributors/readers and cash contributors.

NPQ has always been known for its rigor and grounded understanding of nonprofits and philanthropy and it has always depended upon its readership to guide its editorial agenda. This is what keeps it relevant and a trusted source for hundreds of thousands of practitioners across the country and beyond.

NPQ’s guiding philosophy is that an active and engaged and sometimes disruptive civil sector is critical to a healthy democracy in the same way that a free and independent press is – NPQ is striving to be the authoritative independent news source for civil society and we will only get there with your involvement.

Contact Information:
  • 112 Water Street Suite 400 | Boston MA 02109
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