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Putnam Consulting Group


Putnam Consulting Group (formerly Putnam Community Investment Consulting) provides a full range of expertise and services to help grantmakers achieve dramatic results with confidence and clarity.

Since 1999, we’ve been honored to deliver results for foundations of all sizes and types. From capturing that initial inspiration to sharing the story of your success, we provide experienced consultation and guidance, logistics support, impact evaluation, and communications savvy to your grantmaking team or foundation leadership. Our services  include:

We don’t just rely on ourselves. Instead, we spend time getting to know your organization, your values, your stakeholders, and your environment — in depth. And we seek the perspectives and opinions of and engage discussions among those who influence your success, from internal staff to external partners.

Kris Putnam-Walkerly leads every Putnam engagement, guaranteeing direct communication and connection with every client, from start to finish. Depending on the expertise, knowledge, and scale required, she assembles a handpicked team for each project, ensuring that every Putnam client has exactly the right set of minds and skills engaged to deliver optimum results.

Our nimble, flexible approach means your project receives the constant attention and specialized expertise it deserves — every time.

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Target Audience: Grants management staff, Program staff, Communications staff, Executive staff, Donors

Services Provided: Consulting, Resources, Training

Geographic Scope: National

Target Organizations: Community foundation, Public foundation, Donor advised, Corporate grantmaker, Family foundation, Independent, Operating foundation, Giving circle

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