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Headquartered and operated in Indianapolis, Ind., Renaissance Philanthropic Solutions Group (RenPSG) is the largest independent philanthropic solutions provider in North America. With 30 years of industry knowledge, RenPSG delivers custom solutions that include tax expertise, accounting support and impeccable client service, all through our proprietary cloud computing technology. We count financial services firms, elite nonprofit organizations and leading community foundations as our partners, and currently support more than $16.6 Billion of assets to include charitable trusts, donor-advised funds, pooled income funds, endowments and private foundations.

Established in 1987 as Renaissance Inc., the company focused solely on charitable trusts until 2000 when it began exploring additional service areas. By taking the knowledge and technology developed to become the largest independent charitable trust administrator in the country, RenPSG began creating transformative solutions for other gift types. Today, RenPSG is a one-stop shop for the philanthropic needs of faith-based organizations, nonprofit organizations and financial services firms by providing the administrative and accounting work necessary for donor-advised funds, pooled income funds, private foundations and charitable gift annuities, in addition to charitable trusts.

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Target Audience: Administrative staff, Executive staff, Financial staff, Donors, Advisors

Services Provided: Consulting, Resources

Geographic Scope: National

Target Organizations: Community foundation, Donor advised, Family foundation, Independent, Giving circle

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