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We make smart philanthropy simple.


WiserGiving® provides free interactive tools, resources, and expert advice to help individuals increase their charitable impact and achieve their philanthropy goals.

As a nonprofit, our commitment is to provide unbiased, customized guidance. features unique tools that simplify complex issues and provide objective, actionable recommendations based on the knowledge of experts in the field.

Our founders, Liz Bremner, a seasoned philanthropy executive, and Karen Crow, an Internet veteran from Google, saw their Silicon Valley colleagues struggling to effectively jump-start their philanthropy. With grants from the Ford Foundation and Hewlett Foundation, Liz and Karen began implementing their vision of a suite of interactive online tools that make it fast and easy for donors to become more strategic and impactful. They launched WiserGiving in 2012.

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Target Audience: Donors, Advisors

Services Provided: Resources

Geographic Scope: Local, State, National, Global

Target Organizations: Donor advised, Family foundation, Giving circle

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