The Education Collaboration Fund: Possibilities and Limitations of Pooled Funds

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  • Raising money for a pooled fund is time consuming and requires expertise with the funding topic and the target audience. Yet the process of shopping around a pooled fund or collaborative concept can be valuable in its own right, even if most do not participate.
  • Shared interest around a topic or community is a necessary but insufficient reason for participating in a pooled fund. A pooled fund provides an opportunity for individuals and family foundations to learn and grow as donors.
  • Someone with passion, organizational skills, and persistence needs to drive the process forward or it will likely fall by the wayside. The gap between “emerging” and “organized” philanthropy is real, but may be ameliorated through technology.
  • Vehicle choice is straightforward: The underlying public charity and administrative processing can be handled by a donor-advised fund at a community foundation or federation, financial services firm, or intermediary.

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