Gender Transformative Giving The Next Phase in Feminist Philanthropy?

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A new report from Women’s Funding Network, Public interest Projects and TrueChild calls to reinvigorate feminist and social justice philanthropy by grounding it in “gender transformative” approaches. Gender transformative approaches highlight, challenge, and ultimately try to change rigid gender norms and inequities.

“Gender” remains a contested term in American philanthropy; donors who say they have a “gender lens” usually mean they prioritize increased funding and opportunities for women and girls. Yet such approaches often leave out men and boys, LGBTQ people, as well as issues of race and class.

The report calls for a new philanthropic approach that addresses not only gender equity for women and girls, but also rigid gender norms of masculinity and femininity. It encourages a deeper gender analysis that engages men and boys, along with a strong “intersectional” analysis that integrates issues like race, class, sexual orientation and gender identity.

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