Gender Transformative Philanthropy A Key to Improving Program Outcome and Impact in At-Risk Communities

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As foundations and other philanthropic institutions assess where they can maximize the social return on their charitable investments, many are looking at issues of gender norms and gender equity. To complicate matters further, in the US, where there’s often a widely held assumption that women and girls already enjoy full equality of rights, grantees may not see the need to have a gender analysis at all. Or if they do have one, it is marginalized. As one experienced program officer put it, “Grantees need to see gender and race together. Gender impacts every issue they work on. But grantees are not being challenged to do innovative work around gender [in a way that parallels their work on race or class concerns].”  This publication discusses gender equity and gender norms, the distinction between a gender lens and analysis, and outlines initial steps to becoming a gender transformative funder.

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