LearnPhilanthropy’s Real Simple Taxonomy

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By: Dara Major, Philanthropy Consultant

Good content needs a good search – but sometimes a simple keyword search is not enough to produce the result a user seeks. That’s where a taxonomy comes in: a taxonomy is a classification or categorization system that groups similar items into broad topics or buckets. A taxonomy can help to organize knowledge “at a glance,” describe concepts not found directly in the content, and includes terms, categories and keywords.

LearnPhilanthropy has developed a Real Simple Taxonomy, created with extensive testing and feedback at each stage (and ongoing) by dozens of grantmakers and others across the sector. Grantmakers have described the Real Simple Taxonomy as a helpful tool for increasing their understanding of the potential breadth of grantmaking practice – and for illuminating areas to explore as they shape their own learning paths.

Learn more and download the full LearnPhilanthropy Real Simple Taxonomy.

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