Project Streamline: Practices That Matter

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The cumulative impact of grantmakers’ varied application and reporting requirements undermines nonprofit effectiveness, causing grantseekers to devote too much time to seeking funding (often without payoff) and reporting on grants (often without benefit) to the detriment of their mission-based work.

Awareness is translating into streamlining action for many grantmakers. Yet our 2013 assessment reveals that, while nonprofits have noticed changes, all still encounter time-wasting practices. While 77 percent of donors have taken steps to simplify things, fundraisers say they don’t feel much of a change.

Based on what matters most to grantseekers, as well as understanding of what keeps grantmakers from implementing streamlining and the context of other pressures on grantmakers, Project Streamline plans four primary areas of focus going forward:

  • Better define streamlining
  • Focus attention on good practice
  • Make seeking feedback and evaluating systems essential
  • Embed streamlining message and activities into partner work

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