Shake Up Your Grantmaking with Youth Philanthropy

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Involving youth in philanthropic activities is not a new idea. It’s something that parents, teachers, mentors, churches, and so on have been doing for a long time. Teaching kids about donating their time, resources, and talents to charitable causes has its obvious purpose… to pass on responsibility of our society, our legacies, to the next generation. But there is a more recent movement that takes that idea and desire to mold the next generation of philanthropists to a different level.

Youth participating at the board level of grantmaking might seem like a scary prospect, but it has its proven merits. Aside from the fact that we at Foundant feel that the next generations truly deserve a seat at the table, we’ve also seen for ourselves that they can make a real difference given the chance. Their unique perspective, enthusiasm, and energy bring surprising results and can offer the “shake up” your grantmaking might need.

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Youth can offer the “shake up” your grantmaking might need.

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July 2016

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