How to Spruce Up Your Online Publications

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Not long ago, foundations routinely produced print documents meant to be held and read.

Now, with more and more organizations shifting to online publishing, the resulting “publications” are beheld and experienced in different ways than their former print counterparts.

As we recently explored in a Communications Network webinar, online publishing is also moving far beyond simply uploading a pdf version of a print document. Instead, the ability to add video, link to other information sources and even invite users to read and post comments, provide opportunities to create online publications that contain content that is both informative and engaging.

This webinar highlights:

  • Examples of different kinds online publications, including new approaches some organizations are taking to the traditional annual reports;
  • Emerging publishing platforms that can help “spruce up” your online publications and make sure they display just as well on a tablet or smartphone as they do on a desktop computer.

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