Grantmaking Strategies

Designed for grantmakers, this interactive workshop provides an introduction to the grantmaking process using the case-study method. Topics covered include setting priorities, developing a style and mission for your foundation, establishing constructive parameters and ground rules, and measuring the impact of your grants. Also, discuss the role of needs assessment and organizational capacity.


Global Philanthropy and Civil Society

Once thought to be uniquely American, philanthropy and civil society are now seen as global phenomena. This course highlights the obligations of philanthropy to support civil society as its primary vehicle for accomplishing its programmatic objectives. Examine individual giving, organized philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and corporate philanthropy as contributors to the common good throughout the world. Analyze the impact of technology on giving and the role of evaluation in assessing the ability of global philanthropy to sustain civil society. The course is taught through lectures, discussions, and readings.


Networked Grantmaking: Technology for Funders

Case studies and new industry data highlight how online and mobile technologies are changing the global cause-funding ecosystem and are providing opportunities for grantmakers, nonprofits, and others to engage more effectively and to increase their impact. This interactive course explores examples that illustrate the necessity of embracing technology, the challenges that organizations face as they implement technology, and opportunities for developing strategic approaches to effectively embark on innovation. Gain a deeper understanding of technology’s strategic importance to measuring, demonstrating, and increasing the impact of your organization. Also, acquire the know-how to improve engagement with global cause-funding ecosystem partners.


Mini-Intensive for New Philanthropists and Grantmakers

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience, and fuel your passion for grantmaking and private philanthropy. Faculty members and guest speakers from across the philanthropic community help you to learn how to give wisely. Explore a variety of funding approaches through presentations, discussions, graded assignments, and problem-solving exercises for groups and individuals. If you are an independent philanthropist, a member of a philanthropic family, or a professional grantmaker with just a few years of experience in grantmaking, this intensive is designed for you.


Management Principles for Nonprofit Organizations

Effectively managing fundraising and philanthropic organizations is the key to meeting goals, motivating employees, inspiring the board, and building public trust. Whether you manage one person or 100, you need to know the tested principles of effective management. This course addresses the ways in which fundraising and philanthropic organizations differ from other organizations, the many roles of the manager, and the critical difference between management and leadership. Class sessions focus on strategic planning; staff, volunteer, and board management; effective budgeting; time management; and basic legal issues.


Law of Nonprofit Management

This course empowers fundraisers, board members, staff, and volunteers of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations to enhance their knowledge of the legal and ethical considerations of fundraising. Topics include forming and maintaining a nonprofit corporation, as well as acquiring and maintaining tax-exempt status. Also, discuss the regulation of fundraising; innovative fundraising techniques; charitable registration; corporate governance and the duties, responsibilities, and potential liabilities of members, the board of directors, and the staff; and standards of professional conduct for fundraisers.


Grantmaking Strategies: Corporate Philanthropy

In today’s challenging economic environment, it is imperative that a company’s corporate citizenship program be strategic and tied to business goals while also meeting community needs. A company must maximize the impact of its community investments. Learn how to design and implement a strategic program, including writing a philosophy of giving, determining the giving guidelines, structuring the program, and developing a budget.


Certificate in Grantmaking and Foundations

The Certificate in Grantmaking and Foundations is designed for entry- to mid-level grantmakers, both professional and volunteer. The curriculum provides a structured program built upon the core competencies necessary for philanthropic giving by individuals and grantmaking organizations. This program, the only one of its kind in the United States, addresses a long, unmet need—to train grantmakers to give wisely and with more sophistication. Upon completion of the program, students have: Knowledge of the history of philanthropy in the United States and elsewhere in the world Familiarity with the law, the financial structures, and the nature of nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations Read more


Management for Nonprofit Organizations (Online)

In this online course, gain an overview of the skills, knowledge, and attributes needed to become an effective leader and manager. Learn how to build an exciting, dynamic, productive workplace and how to unleash creative energy in yourself and your staff. Explore techniques for effectively managing staff, boards, and volunteers. Develop a strategic plan for handling difficult employee issues, communicating effectively, and managing time and stress. 


Advanced Mini-Intensive in Grantmaking

This course includes an in-depth analysis of evaluation models; proposal assessments; funder-grantee relationships and models, especially as they apply to particular funding areas and values-based grantmaking; changes in the philanthropy law and environment; and participant-presented case studies. Course content is updated based upon recommendations of the larger philanthropy field and past participants. The course is coordinated by Richard Marker, an internationally known thought leader in the grantmaking and philanthropy field. He is joined in class by several highly respected and prominent philanthropy experts. CEU: 4