The Exit Interview: Perceptions of Why Black Professionals Leave Grantmaking Institutions

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In most major foundations today, it is now commonplace not just to track but to require diversity of staff and leadership both within their own organizations and externally among their grantees.

Yet, emerging data suggest that the experiences of many Black professionals in grantmaking institutions may challenge the current thinking on the field’s increasing commitment to diversity.

This study is patterned after a traditional “exit interview”—a brief conversation conducted with an outgoing employee for the purpose of helping an organization assess its own performance and understand why the employee is seeking opportunities elsewhere. By sharing these candid reflections, this report aims to build the field’s collective knowledge of how to attract and retain diverse talent in grantmaking institutions, and how to fully leverage the unique skills and commitment that many Black professionals bring to the sector.

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Attention needs to be given to how philanthropy truly taps the talents and commitments of Black professionals dedicated to community change.

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