The Trenton Afterschool Partnership: Expanding Learning Time Citywide Through Public/Private Collaboration

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  • High quality after-school programs have been demonstrated to have significant impact on student performance.
  • Preceding the Trenton Afterschool Partnership (TAP) was a hodgepodge of programs that cost various contributors about $9 million. These programs, of unequal quality, served about 1,500 students in 15 out of Trenton’s 21 public schools.
  • TAP (which includes the Princeton Area Community Foundation) was able to successfully implement programs in all of the Trenton schools.
  • Budget cuts have forced the reduction of the programs, but about half of the schools have been able to maintain programs.
  • Foundations are encouraged to support advocacy capacity and to provide general operating support to community based organizations that have an established record of successful service delivery and strong partnerships.

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