Building the Bridge for Diversity and Inclusion: Testing a Regional Strategy

FavoriteThe creation of effective diverse and inclusive organizations requires leaders to embrace the role of change agent. This is a complex journey that involves leaders experimenting, learning and creating a new way to organize. This article examines the Council of Michigan Foundations’ (CMF) six-year initiative, Transforming Michigan Philanthropy through Diversity and Inclusion (TMP).

Who Becomes a Foundation CEO? An Analysis of Hiring Patterns, 2004-2008

FavoriteThis study provides baseline data about the professional and individual characteristics of 440 candidates selected to be the top executive in a grantmaking institution during a five-year study period (2004-2008), and about the hiring patterns of the diverse institutions making these appointments.

Moving Diversity Up the Agenda: Lessons and Next Steps From the Diversity in Philanthropy Project

FavoriteThe Diversity in Philanthropy Project (DPP) was a three-year voluntary effort of leading foundation trustees, senior staff, and philanthropy support organization executives committed to increasing diversity and inclusive practice across organized philanthropy’s boards, staff, grantmaking, contracting, and investing. DPP had significant achievements, but also faced its share of challenges.