Impact investing in a democracy: A response to ‘Markets for Good: removing the barriers’

FavoriteIn the recent Alliance special feature, ‘Markets for good: removing the barriers’, we had not just one article but several from around the globe about social impact investing. It’s a joy to think that the field is now at a point that such an esteemed and diverse group of contributors can come together and debate the issues raised by Monitor Inclusive Markets’ report Beyond the Pioneer: Getting inclusive industries to scale. For me one big issue the report raises is the role of government vis-à-vis impact investing in addressing social problems.

Ukraine: foundations, the crisis and the future

FavoriteSince the explosion of popular protest in Maidan Square, Ukraine has been riven by civil and political strife whose character and shape is often as difficult to discern as its eventual outcome. In this supercharged atmosphere of political protest and martial posturing, what have foundations been doing to help those caught up in events or struggling to reshape their country?

Beldon Fund Lessons and Tips for Spending Out

FavoriteThe Beldon Fund’s ten-year experience with spending out while seeking to accomplish an ambitious mission yielded a range of useful lessons that we believe are applicable more broadly. They cover the practical nuts and bolts of putting a foundation on a spend-out course as well as specific tips on effective program strategies to achieve impact.

Giving While Living: The Beldon Fund Spend-Out Story

FavoriteThis monograph, “Giving While Living: The Beldon Fund Spend-Out Story” PDF, examines how Beldon handled the practical implications of putting the foundation on a ten-year spend-out course while seeking to accomplish an ambitious mission. Though it draws on historical materials – reports, strategy papers, financial models, written policies and external evaluations – the context and insights come from interviews with key staff members, grantees, John Hunting, and board members. Available for download at FOLIO, a project of the Foundation Center and the IUPUI University Library’s Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives,  

Beldon Fund Final Impact Assessment

FavoriteThis final impact assessment provides an inventory of Beldon’s legacy, five years after its grantmaking ended. It tells the story of a foundation that brought innovative ideas to its grantees, built capacity and infrastructure, and planted seeds that continue to bear fruit. As a spend-out foundation, it struggled with challenges that other spend outs share, and the lessons learned from this assessment are intended to help others embarking on similar paths.

Principled Philanthropy

FavoriteAs part of the Minnesota Council on Foundations continuing efforts to help foundations maintain and improve the effectiveness of their work, MCF has prepared several comprehensive resources to help foundations conduct their work legally and ethically. Principles for Grantmakers & Practice Options for Philanthropic Organizations What Every Grantmaker Should Know & Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Data at a Foundation’s Fingertips: Creating and Building Dashboards

FavoriteTechnology Affinity Group (TAG) commissioned us for this report on how foundations use dashboards, which combines insights from conversations with 10 different foundations–including previous research on methods for thinking about data-based decision making–to offer a step-by-step process to design and create your own dashboard. To help you learn from the experiences of those foundations that have gone before you, we also included eight detailed case studies of foundations that have created their own dashboards and what into the design and implementation process.