Interview with Carol Civita, Brazilian philanthropist

FavoriteA disposition to give is not the same as a culture of philanthropy, argues Brazilian philanthropist Carol Civita. Brazil has always had the one but still lacks the other, she tells Caroline Hartnell. Part of the problem is that Brazilians see social problems as the government’s business, but in her view the country needs partnerships between the public sector and private philanthropy if social development is to catch up with economic development. But foundations are beginning to talk to each other, she says, a big step forward.

Is Your Foundation Leveraging the Power of Differences?

FavoriteBased on extensive research and experience emerging from its Transforming Michigan Philanthropy initiative, the Council of Michigan Foundations has developed this discussion guide and assessment tool to help foundation leaders begin essential conversations about the power of differences and determine the level of their organization’s readiness for growth.

Valuing Social Return on Investment

FavoriteThis report seeks to identify and describe state-of-the-art approaches to valuing social returns on social investments (SROI), to review the organizational challenges to implementing an SROI measurement process, and to examine in detail organizations in the Netherlands and the United States that have attempted to use SROI measurements. The focus of each piece of the project was SROI methods and valuation in the health care field, specifically. In the conclusion, the report distills some best practices and practical tips for conducting SROI measurements.

The Future of Family Philanthropy – Predicting and Preparing

FavoriteBased on the candid peer conversations and insights from thought leaders that were offered during two “National Summits” on family philanthropy, this brief envisions the changes in the field, and suggests ways to adapt family giving for a better future– a future of new families, new generations, new kinds of relationships, and new methods for creating change.

Next Gen Donors Report

FavoriteThis first-of-its-kind research examines the next generation of major donors and studies this crucial group directly, rather than summarizing what others think about them. This project is a partnership of The Frey Chair for Family Philanthropy at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, and 21/64, a nonprofit consulting practice specializing in next gen and multigenerational strategic philanthropy.

Stories and Lessons from 35 Years of Supporting the Community Foundation Field

FavoriteThe goal of this microsite is to share what the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has learned in more than 35 years of supporting the field, offer key insights, and highlight our legacy of partnering with community foundations in a way that advances the vital work they do to strengthen their communities. The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the first community foundation in the U.S. This milestone brings with it both increased attention to the field of community philanthropy and the opportunity to demonstrate the significance of these institutions to the communities they serve.  

Invest in a Strong Start for Children: A Toolkit for Donors

FavoriteNew evidence from neuroscience, social science, high-level policy efforts, and growing concern among business, military, and other civic leaders has generated vast amounts of information and potentially useful guidance. We developed this web-based “toolkit” to help funders cut through the noise. You’ll find key facts, strategies for investment, high impact opportunities, and partners that any funder interested in early childhood should know.  

TEDx: Amplify the Money You Give

FavoriteThe word “philanthropist” evokes the names of billionaire donors – Rockefeller, Gates, Pew – but in reality, most charitable giving comes from regular people giving smaller amounts. How can you, the non-billionaire, do the most good with what you give? Kat Rosqueta, who launched the Center for High Impact Philanthropy in 2006, shows how to become a high-impact philanthropist, with a few tips for getting more engaged with your donations – one dollar, one cause, at a time.

Jump Start Learning In Your Organization – Webinar

FavoriteUnderstanding how to build a culture of learning to support your staff can be challenging. Whether you are a small foundation just starting to develop a new approach to learning or you are a well-established grantmaker looking for fresh ideas, this free, 45-minute webinar will help you support learning in your organization. Listen to the webinar, or download the slides.

Interview: Fay Twersky

FavoriteThe philanthropy programme at the Hewlett Foundation is changing. Fay Twersky, director of its Effective Philanthropy Group, tells Caroline Hartnell how and why. She talks about Hewlett’s new emphasis on ‘two-way openness’ and collaboration and the need to create incentives to encourage foundations and grantees to be more open. Finally, she offers her views on ‘emergent philanthropy’ and effective altruism.

Top 10 Lessons Learned in Grantmaking – Webinar

FavoritePresented by: Caroline Altman Smith and Helen Davis Johnson of the Kresge Foundation Philanthropy can be a complex field. Whether you’re starting your career, transitioning into a new role, or simply want a refresher, let us be your guide. This free, 30-minute webinar will introduce you to essential topics every philanthropic professional should know and give you three strategies for getting more informed about and connected to the field. Listen to the webinar or download the slides. *Please note that the webinar recording starts a few minutes into the presentation.