Global Philanthropy Data Charter

FavoriteTo realize this vision of improved data for deeper philanthropic impact and transparency, WINGS, Foundation Center, CENTRIS, and partners from around the world created and refined the Global Philanthropy Data Charter. The main objective of this revision is to make the document more accessible and provide concrete guidance on how to successfully engage in data-sharing processes.

Strengthening the Foundation — Strategic Evidence Building for Two-Generation Approaches

FavoriteA report by the Casey Foundation highlights that while two-generation approaches — efforts to create opportunities for parents and children together — have evolved and improved as a promising strategy to interrupt intergenerational poverty, gaps in the research base are hindering progress in bringing the best efforts to scale. The report offers recommendations on how public and private funders can target their evaluation and funding strategies to build evidence demonstrating which approaches and components work best; what kinds of research funders should support; and how to communicate evidence-based findings effectively to inform program leaders and policymakers.

Facilitating Intentional Group Learning — A Practical Guide to 21 Learning Activities

FavoriteFSG’s guide, Facilitating Intentional Group Learning, is designed to help organizations and teams infuse a learning culture into their daily work. From quick 20-minute activities to multi-hour gatherings, this guide provides detailed instructions on how to conduct high-energy, inclusive, and productive experiences.

Scaling Solutions Toward Shifting Systems

FavoriteThis report, produced by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in collaboration with the Skoll, Porticus, Ford and Draper Richards Kaplan Foundations, examines how funders can work in more collaborative ways to place longer-term, adaptive and responsive resources to accelerate scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Report: Community-Driven Resilience Planning

FavoriteThe following framework: 1) advocates deepening democratic practices at the local and regional levels, 2) seeks to put forth the principles and practices defining this emergent field, and 3) outlines resources for community-based institutions implementing community-driven planning processes. While the primary audience for this framework are community-based organizations developing, advocating for, and implementing climate solutions, we hope it will also be useful to philanthropic institutions that are developing funding strategies to tackle the climate change crisis, as well as to public sector officials charged with protecting our cities from the unpredictability of climate disruption.

The Grantmaking School Courses

FavoriteDesigned and led by leaders in the field, our program helps professionals bridge research, knowledge, and good practice. Courses are available for your whole staff or individuals, and we offer standard curricula as well as customized learning experiences. Our standard courses are listed below — view our calendar for upcoming courses, or contact us to customize a course for your organization. Advanced Proposal Analysis intentionally focuses on the essential skills of proposal review, recommendations, project management, and other core competency areas. We strongly believe that mastering this work is the key to excellence in grantmaking. Financial Analysis in Grantmaking provides grantmakers with the necessary knowledge and Read more

Advocacy and Lobbying Rules for Private Foundations

FavoriteThe legal staff at the Packard Foundation, Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation and Moore Foundation developed this free, first-of-its-kind resource, which covers the basic legal rules around what staff are allowed to fund and engage in at a private foundation. It takes less than an hour to complete and features “Maya,” a new program officer that leads participants through the course. Participants can also return to the training at any time for a refresher and click on the individual modules to refer back to specific topics. Three modules provide an overview of how lobbying laws apply to the work of private Read more