The Alliance magazine December 2017 issue – Philanthropy and the Media

FavoriteAlliance is pleased to offer free access to this issue thanks to Democracy and Media Foundation who are sponsoring the removal of the paywall in order that the content can be shared as widely as possible. The centrepiece of the issue is our special feature on philanthropy and the media. Our guest editor, Miguel Castro of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and I take you on a journey through the key issues facing philanthropy. Our stellar panel of contributors from publications including Spiegel, The Guardian and the BBC consider philanthropy’s role in sustaining investigative journalism and combating fake news, Read more

Bold Ideas for Philanthropists to Drive Social Change

FavoriteCHIP published a guide, “Bold Ideas for Philanthropists to Drive Social Change,” that highlighted its 11 “best bets,” aka ideas and organizations that were not semifinalists for the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change grant competition but are doing especially impactful work. Analysts from CHIP looked at nearly 200 applications that were not semifinalists and eventually narrowed that list to 81 and then 11 applications.

Emotionally Invested: A Collection of Articles about Impact Investing

FavoriteThe theme of this issue of Passages is “Emotionally Invested” and it includes a number of articles about impact investing alongside your values. Impact investing seeks a return from one’s investments other than a strictly financial return. For the majority of impact investors, that means they seek a general or specific environmental, social or governance outcome, in addition to a financial return, from their investments.

Giving Circles / Collective Giving Groups in the U.S.

FavoriteThis new study’s findings provide strong evidence that giving circles are an increasingly significant philanthropic force, engaging a greater diversity of donors, including women, people of various ethnic and racial backgrounds, and donors of all wealth levels.