Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO)

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations is a powerful coalition of 3,000 individual members representing 400 grantmaking organizations committed to building strong and effective nonprofit organizations. Mission: Understanding that grantmakers are successful only to the extent that their grantees achieve meaningful results, GEO promotes strategies and practices that contribute to grantee success. We help grantmakers improve practices in areas which, through years of work in philanthropy, have been identified by innovators in the field as critical to nonprofit success: Learning for Improvement, Collaborative problem-Solving, Funding Outcomes, Stakeholder Engagement and Scaling What Works. GEO carries out this work through a variety of products and services, including: Conferences: A biennial national conference and topical conferences. Action Learning: Brings together grantmakers to address pressing grantmaking challenges. Participants hear how their peers are creating change and translate collective lessons into immediate advances in their own work. Services: Peer-to-peer problem-solving, skill-building seminars and speaking engagements. Publications: Original research, action guides, and more. Resource Library: Online access to hubndreds of philanthropy related resources. Networking Opportunities: Connecting members through email listserv, newsletters and an online directory. Join us to be a part of growing movement to build a more effective nonprofit sector.