Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action

The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) is the U.S.-based, national and international association that connects scholars, teachers, and practice leaders interested in research on nonprofit organizations, voluntary action, philanthropy and civil society.

ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation

Through research, education, and outreach activities, the ASU Lodestar Center enhances the effectiveness of those who govern, manage, provide programs and services, volunteer for, and support nonprofit organizations. We serve: Individuals who currently, or aspire to, lead and support nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations and their supporting networks. Through the Advancing Philanthropy Initiative, current and potential philanthropists – individuals and families – will benefit from knowledge, tools and resources that help them maximize the impact of their contributions. Stay tuned for Philanthropy Matters Programming.  

Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies

ACPNS  aims to bring to the community the benefits of teaching, research, technology and service relevant to philanthropic and nonprofit communities. Combined with our strong industry links and unique and practical teaching, we stay at the leading edge of knowledge, providing our students with a teaching and research environment that is up to date and relevant to the needs of students interested in pursuing careers in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors.

Center for Excellence: Leadership, Governance, & Philanthropy at Fairleigh Dickinson University

The Center For Excellence: Leadership, Governance & Philanthropy at Fairleigh Dickinson University was envisioned and established to be the leading education support and training center dedicated to ensuring effective leadership in the nonprofit community. The Center is designed as a resource for emerging or ascending leaders in executive management, board leadership, and executive philanthropy.

Center for High Impact Philanthropy, University of Pennsylvania

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) is the only university-based center with a singular focus on philanthropy for social impact. Founded as a collaboration between the School of Social Policy & Practice and the Wharton School, it is a trusted source of knowledge and education to help donors around the world do more good.

Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management Baruch College

CNSM is a globally-recognized leader in analyzing the evolving role of nonprofit organizations in our society, politics, and the economy. Through community engagement, teaching, and research, it examines how nonprofit organizations intersect with government, business, philanthropy, and communities to help solve today’s most pressing policy issues.

Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Rice University

At the Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership, we envision a vibrant philanthropic sector in which nonprofit organizations achieve their missions and people are inspired to give and serve. Our mission is to increase the effectiveness and impact of the nonprofit sector by providing education and nurturing leadership among professionals and those who support the work of nonprofit organizations.

Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership at Georgetown University

The Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy is a leading education, research and training center dedicated to the development of public, nonprofit and philanthropic leadership. Our programs for students, practitioners and policymakers increase their capacity to work across organizations, communities and sectors to address public needs, tackle public problems and, above all, promote the public good.  

Center for Public and Nonprofit Management | Cleveland State University

The Center for Public and Nonprofit Management integrates several functions within the college, connecting professional development, student enrichment and faculty engagement in the areas of leadership development, management training, technical assistance, and research for the public and nonprofit sectors in NE Ohio. The Center’s functional areas include Training and Development Development, Student Enrichment, Technical Assistance/Applied Research, Research, and CPNM’s Advisory Committee. Learn more. »

Center for Social Sector Leadership University of California Berkeley

The Center for Social Sector Leadership inspires the next generation of leaders to create and seize opportunities to achieve social impact across sectors. We are ranked #2 in Best Business Schools Specialty Rankings for Nonprofit (US News & World Report 2017). Download our Brochure

Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society Duke University

The Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society (CSPCS) researches, analyzes, and promotes philanthropy that consistently produces high impact. CSPCS stimulates communication, collaboration, and problem-solving around pressing issues of public policy and philanthropy.

Do Good Institute

University of Maryland | School of Public Policy”s Do Good Institute serves as the campus-wide hub of social innovation and as a center of research and thought leadership in philanthropy and social change. From orientation to graduation, the  institute will engage the entire student body in initiatives aimed at ensuring every student will be informed and motivated to “do good” in their communities, both local and worldwide.

Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy

Established in 1992, the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy is an academic center within the College of Community and Public Service at Grand Valley State University. Like many academic centers, we offer original research and expertise on the latest theories in our field. Yet when we talk about “doing good,” we mean more than theory. The Johnson Center puts research to work, with and for professionals across the country. Through professional development services, courses and trainings, philanthropic tools, and more, we support: Effective Philanthropy: Helping donors and foundations adopt best practices in their careers and organizations Strong Nonprofits: Helping Read more

George H. Heyman, Jr. Program for Philanthropy and Fundraising

As the nation’s preeminent educator of fundraisers and grantmakers, the NYU School of Professional Studies George H. Heyman, Jr. Program for Philanthropy and Fundraising offers a host of career advancement courses to meet the nonprofit sector’s demand for highly trained, creative professionals. Our online and onsite courses help current and aspiring philanthropists and fundraisers to heighten their impact and to maximize efficiency through a diverse curriculum that provides practical, applicable knowledge and offers outstanding networking opportunities.  

Harvard University Hauser Institute

The Hauser Institute for Civil Society at Harvard University is a university-wide center for the study of civil society and nonprofit organizations. The Hauser Institute seeks to expand understanding and accelerate critical thinking about civil society, its leaders and institutions among scholars, practitioners, policy makers and the general public by encouraging scholarship, developing curriculum, fostering mutual learning between academics and practitioners, and shaping policies that enhance the sector and its role in society.

Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The mission of the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is to improve the leadership and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations through education, research and service.

International Society for Third Sector Research

Founded in 1992, the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) is a major international association promoting research and education in the fields of civil society, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector.

Johns Hopkins University Center for Civil Studies

The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies is a leading source of ground-breaking research and knowledge about the nonprofit sector, social investing, and the tools of government. Working in collaboration with governments, international organizations, investment innovators, and colleagues around the world, the Center encourages the use of this knowledge to strengthen and mobilize the capabilities and resources of the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors to address the complex problems that face the world today. The Center conducts research and educational programs that seek to improve current understanding, analyze emerging trends, and promote promising innovations in the ways that government, Read more

Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Indiana University

The IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is globally recognized as the first of its kind. School faculty and staff train and empower students and practitioners to innovate and lead—and to create positive and lasting change in the world.

Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at University of Washington

The aim of the Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy is to enhance the understanding and vitality of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector through research, education, and community engagement.

National Center on Philanthropy and the Law at NYU School of Law

The National Center on Philanthropy and the Law was established in 1988 at New York University School of Law to explore a broad range of legal issues affecting the nation’s nonprofit sector and to provide an integrated examination of the legal doctrines related to the activities of charitable organizations.

Nonprofit Academic Centers Council

NACC is an international membership association comprised of academic centers or programs at accredited colleges and universities that focus on the study of nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations, voluntary action, and/or philanthropy.

Nonprofit Technology Network

NTEN is where nonprofit professionals learn about and celebrate the ways technology helps them meet their missions. More than 50,000 community members access NTEN’s capacity-building programs and services, including educational courses, the Nonprofit Technology Conference, and online and in-person discussion spaces. We are the membership organization of nonprofit technology professionals. Our members share the common goal of helping nonprofits use all aspects of technology more effectively.

RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service at University of Texas at Austin

The RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service prepares the next generation of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders through graduate education and research.  

Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

The Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS) develops and shares knowledge to improve philanthropy, strengthen civil society and effect social change. Stanford PACS connects students, scholars and practitioners and publishes the preeminent journal Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR). Stanford PACS is a research center for students, scholars and practitioners to explore and share ideas that create social change. Its primary participants are Stanford faculty, visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, and nonprofit and foundation practitioners. As publisher of Stanford Social Innovation Review, Stanford PACS informs policy and social innovation, philanthropic investment and nonprofit practice. SSIR is Read more

The Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good

The Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good’s aim is to strengthen, enhance and challenge theory, practice and policy relating to philanthropy and its relationship to public good through high-quality, internationally recognised research and scholarship. Scotland’s first research centre dedicated to the growing field of philanthropy studies. School of Management, University of St Andrews, The Gateway, North Haugh, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9RJ, Scotland, UK

The Nonprofit Institute at University of San Diego

Founded in 2002, The Nonprofit Institute (NPI) provides education, training and research to strengthen organizations that help meet community needs. Together, we can lead the way to protect our quality of life and continue to promote thriving communities by educating and engaging leaders, creating smart connections, engaging philanthropy and providing diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to our region for all future generations.

The Sillerman Center for Advancement of Philanthropy Brandeis University

The Sillerman Center draws upon scholarship and practitioner experience to inform philanthropy that moves social justice work forward. We engage emerging and established members of the philanthropic community via publications and programming and through coursework and fellowships that provide real-world experience in social justice grantmaking.

The USC Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy

The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy promotes more effective philanthropy and strengthens the nonprofit sector through research that informs philanthropic decision-making and public policy to advance community problem solving.