A Partnered Approach to School Change in a Rural Community: Reflections and Recommendations

FavoriteKey Points With so many education policies and practices made at the local level, community-based foundations are in a unique position to support their local school districts in taking a comprehensive, systematic approach to improving the lives of young people. This article describes a research–practice partnership designed to produce school improvement in a rural community in western Virginia and reflects on a three-year collaboration among The Alleghany Foundation, two school districts, and the University of Virginia. The partners identified challenges and strengths within the school districts and the community; gathered and analyzed existing district data and new findings from interviews Read more

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Black Out: Understanding LGBTQ Advocacy and Black Communities

FavoriteThis webinar, part of ABFE Third Thursday Webinar Series and co-sponsored by Funders for LGBTQ Issues and The Third Wave Fund, examines how leaders and organizations connect racial and LGBTQ identity to secure social justice for LGBTQ people.

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Charitable Gift Annuity

FavoriteA planned giving instrument in which a donor transfers money, property, or other assets to a charitable organization and receives a partial tax deduction, and then the charity pays the donor a fixed sum at regular intervals during his or her lifetime. Upon the donor’s death, the charity keeps the remaining assets as a gift.

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