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The Communications Network supports foundations and nonprofits to improve lives through the power of smart communications.

Formed nearly 20 years ago as a volunteer group, the Network today operates as a stand-alone 501(c), dedicated to helping advance, promote, and encourage the adoption of effective communications practices in philanthropy. Its membership, now approaching 300, represents a diverse mix of talent and communications expertise including foundation and nonprofit communicators, and consultants who assist both types of organizations.

The Network elevates the quality of communications practice within foundations as well as the grantees they support by:

* Offering face-to-face and online professional development programs that focus on emerging trends in practice as well as reinforcing tried and true approaches.

* Holding an annual conference that brings together communications professionals from around the country and Canada, who share knowledge, learn from each other, and commit to ensuring the highest level of communications practice within their organizations.

* Commissioning and disseminating research intended to help improve the practice of communications in philanthropy.

Members of the Communications Network believe that well-practiced, strategic communications contribute greatly to foundation and nonprofit effectiveness, transparency and accountability. Membership in the Network helps them continuously improve their organization’s communications programs and ensures that philanthropy flourishes in its mission to serve the public good.

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Category: Affinity group

Target Audience: Program staff, Communications staff, Executive staff

Services Provided: Conferences, Resources, Training

Geographic Scope: Local, State, National, Global

Target Organizations: Community foundation, Public foundation, Corporate grantmaker, Family foundation, Independent, Operating foundation, Giving circle

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