Connecticut Toolkit for Giving

Connecticut Toolkit for Giving

By giving to charitable and philanthropic organizations, we exercise our support for the goals, the people and the purposes we believe in. Giving is our individual response to human needs; it gives our wealth meaning and engages us in shaping a better world.

There are many ways to give.

This is your guide to finding the choice that is right for you.

Planning your giving
Worthwhile considerations prior to planning your charitable giving.

Ways to Give
Key points about eight options for giving.

Why do we give
A listing of reasons why we choose to give.

Where to give
How to decide where to give charitable gifts.

What to give
A brief overview of some of the common types of assets that can be donated to charity.

How much to give
Determining how much to give to charity is a personal choice.

Options for giving
A chart comparing the major types of charitable options.

Giving Stories
Read stories about Connecticut donors – the joys of giving and the difference the gift has made.

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