Course 1.2 – The Philanthropic Ecosystem

Course 1.2 - Philanthropy Ecosystem

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TRACK 1: The Philanthropic Sector

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Philanthropy is really good at inventing new kinds of organizations and creating new partnerships and collaborations. This means there is a tremendous diversity of institutions in the field, and they are connected to each other in myriad ways.

This noncredit course explores the philanthropic ecosystem, including the many different types of grantmaking institutions and how these interact with government, business, and one another.


Lesson 1 – Types of Grantmaking Institutions

There are many different vehicles for giving, some more common than others. This lesson explores the various institutions that provide a formal process of grantmaking.

Instructor: Maggie Osborn, Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer at United Philanthropy Forum.

Lesson 2 – Social Roles & Relationships With Other Sectors

This lesson looks at the broader social and civic roles played by grantmaking institutions, as well as how philanthropy works closely and creatively with government and business to achieve important social impacts.

Instructor: Kyle Caldwell, President & CEO of the Council of Michigan Foundations.

Lesson 3 – Philanthropy Infrastructure

This lesson provides an overview of the diverse, and essential, network of philanthropy-serving organizations – a network that helps support and strengthen the field in numerous ways.

Instructor: Dr. Teri Behrens, Executive Director of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy.

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