Dissonance & Disconnects: How entry- and mid-level foundation staff see their futures, their institutions and their field

In recent years, our country has faced rising tensions across racial, social, and political lines. Virtually every issue in which philanthropy is active — education, environment, climate, LGBTQ rights, immigration, healthcare, and more — has been affected in some way. Early- and mid-career practitioners are poised to help philanthropy navigate this current moment. They are powerful assets to their institutions — if their institutions can meaningfully engage them.

Dissonance & Disconnects: How entry and mid-level foundation staff see their futures, their institutions, and their field examines the thoughts and feelings of early- and mid- career practitioners on philanthropy and their futures in it. The report focuses on themes including participants’ experiences at work, the alignment between their institutions’ practices and their values, and how participants see their futures in the sector. It is meant to support conversation among emerging leaders and senior executives about foundation practices and how they can better unlock talent up and down the org chart while also bringing foundations into deeper alignment with their values.

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By Francis Tompkins, Principal, Together Brave, Christi Tran, Principal, Guanabana Consulting and Tamir Novotny, Executive Director, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy



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