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Fiscal Management Associates
Consulting organization


Foundation boards and leaders work hard to change the world for the better. Forward-thinking foundations want to ensure that their program officers’ expertise is complemented with nonprofit finance knowledge and that their grantees are sustainable with strong infrastructures that support their programs. Developing well-rounded, knowledgeable program officers and strong grantee organizations are goals every foundation supports. Understanding how to actualize these goals is core to FMA’s mission. Here’s a few ways the FMA team works with foundations and their grantees: Foundations

  • Implementing grantmaking decision protocols that integrate financial and program data
  • Building program officer financial management knowledge and skill
  • Establishing systems to analyze portfolio performance
  • Designing systems that calculate grantee per unit costs that tie budgets to impacts
  • Performing research that educates sectors on financial management and administrative needs at the organizational level

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Category: Consulting organization

Target Audience: Grants management staff, Program staff, Executive staff, Financial staff, Trustees

Services Provided: Consulting, Resources, Training

Geographic Scope: National

Target Organizations: Community foundation, Public foundation, Corporate grantmaker, Family foundation, Independent

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