Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy: Data Tool

Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy is a data visualization platform featuring tens of thousands of grants, available to anyone interested in understanding philanthropy’s role in U.S. democracy.

Candid, in partnership with eight foundations, developed the Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy data visualization platform that captures the myriad democracy-related activities that foundations have supported from 2011 to present. Specifically designed for funders, nonprofits, journalists, and anyone interested in understanding philanthropy’s role in U.S. democracy, it can be used to scan the funding landscape, analyze funder and nonprofit networks, increase knowledge about democracy funding, and more.

About the Data
The data that power the platform have been collected in numerous ways. Most of it comes from Candid’s databases, which are comprised of grants information directly reported by foundations, or collected from IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF, foundation web sites, and other public sources. Additional data come from direct outreach to foundations active in this area of work.

About the Framework
With guidance from an advisory group of experts working across a variety of democracy-related fields, Candid developed a framework that provides an overall picture of democracy-related work, by which the data in the platform is organized and can be filtered. Some of the categorizations are reported directly to us by foundations. The remaining data are categorized by Candid based on grant descriptions and public information about grantees. Candid staff reviews and makes adjustments on an ongoing basis to ensure the accuracy of the data. The platform is updated with new information weekly.

Submit Your Data
If you would like to see your foundation represented in the platform, consider joining our Electronic Reporting Program. If you have any questions about the program or would like to report any errors in the data, please contact:

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