Guide to Investing in Grantee Talent

Grantmakers are only as good as the nonprofits they fund. And nonprofits are only as good as their people. Nonprofit professionals thrive when they are well supported and developed by their organizations. So, it is patently reasonable to suggest that investing in the human capacity of grantee organizations ought to be part of the job of every grantmaker.

Unfortunately, funder practices tend to make invisible the needs and potential of the people who work in grantee nonprofits, and instead emphasize strategy, programs, and organizational activities. Not only does this approach mean funders are misreading the real needs of many grantees; it also means they miss great opportunities to advance their missions.

This guide will help you change this dynamic in your grantmaking. While it does not claim to contain all the answers, it does argue that talent-investment ought to be among the recognized best practices in grantmaking. The guide is organized into two major sections. Part I introduces the idea and framework of talent-investing and baking it in. Part II focuses on the ways you can incorporate talent-investing into the work of foundations and nonprofits.

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