Impact Due Diligence: Emerging Best Practices

We at Pacific Community Ventures are thrilled to announce the publication of Impact Due Diligence: Emerging Best Practices, a report which surfaces the shared impact due diligence approaches employed by leading impact investors.

The report examines trends and offers insights in an important, yet underdeveloped, area of investment practice. While impact measurement and management (IMM) has become increasingly sophisticated and widespread in recent years, many investors focus primarily on what happens after, not before, investments are made. This limits the potential of IMM, because systematically examining which investments are expected to generate more or less impact can help investors more closely align their investments with their objectives and increase the likelihood that their portfolios reflect their values and goals.

Impact due diligence, which encompasses all assessments of expected impact before making an investment, is therefore essential to effective impact investing. Not only does impact due diligence enhance investors’ capacity to make more informed investment decisions and increase the impact of their portfolios, it also helps safeguards the entire field against “impact washing” as the market grows.

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