Learning from Peers: A Collection Of Impact Investing Strategies

What tools might help foundations further their mission — beyond grants? And, vice versa, how can a foundation’s full range of existing financial tools and assets, including the endowment, come into greater alignment with mission and values?
As foundations begin to ask and answer these questions for themselves, a vast array of strategies unfold, with no single path for progress. For example, while some earmark specific pools of capital for below- or at-market impact investments, others have re-designed their entire portfolio of assets as values-aligned investments— including their endowment. Below, we share examples of strategies by foundations that have specifically dedicated time to develop and share their investing strategies with the field. If you have a story or strategy you would like to share with the field — or write for the first time — please contact us!
If you are new to impact investing, we recommend you check out the key terms and resources featured in MIE’s 101 Library before viewing this page. There, you can also find a growing set of resources for foundations new to impact investing.

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