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Change Elemental


Change Elemental, formerly MAG, has adapted to be more collaborative and catalytic—partnering with individuals, organizations, and networks—to combine our collective wisdom and energy in common purpose. We center experimentation and active learning that draws upon wisdom from the past, from lived experience, and from imagination. Together, we craft creative, nimble, and authentic ways of transforming inequitable systems and sparking deep change.

At Change Elemental, we are co-creating power for love, dignity, and justice. We galvanize movements by freeing, combining and catalyzing the necessary elements of deep change, elements many of you may recognize from our work together: advancing deep equity; cultivating leaderful ecosystems; valuing multiple ways of knowing; influencing complex systems change; and creating the space for inner work. This kind of co-creation relies on a blend of art and science—a blend that requires a solid foundation of wisdom and curiosity, an infusion of experimentation and imagination, and the magic and diligence of people working well together toward a shared vision.

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