March 2017 issue | Philanthropy scholarship and practice – bridging the divide

Be sure to keep an eye out for the March issue of Alliance magazine as it looks at the ways in which we can bridge the gap between philanthropy scholarship and practice. As philanthropic studies gain speed and popularity in universities and academic programs around the world, we attempt to explain why studying philanthropy is important and how much priority should be given to informing policy and practice.

Guest edited by Marta Rey-Garcia of Spain’s Coruna University, the issue answers some of the key questions that arise when philanthropy scholarship moves into practice and provides a detailed account of philanthropy’s growing influence in academia, represented in a new infographic locating philanthropy centres, programs, and chairs worldwide.

The special feature is divided into three parts: ‘what does philanthropy scholarship and education offer policy and practice?’; ‘what do philanthropy practitioners need?; and ‘difficult issues’.

In the first section you will find pieces on the importance of philanthropic studies across many sectors, such as political science and economics, and an analysis of effective altruism’s growing popularity. Next, you will be presented with viewpoints from India, South Africa, Switzerland, Chile, and more on what philanthropy practitioners need. In the final section on difficult issues, you will find tough questions regarding university fundraising and whether pursuing philanthropy scholarship is really worth it.

The endnote, provided by Dr Eugene Tempel, founding dean of the Lily School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, addresses the future of philanthropy studies.

The Alliance spring issue also continues a lively debate on mandatory payouts and whether foundations should be required to make them. Jake Hayman and Angela Kail respond to Cathy Pharoah.

You will also find a review of Claiming Agency: Reflecting on TrustAfrica’s first decade, and powerful tributes to Peter Geithner, Pamela Hartigan, and Peter Hero.

Like (or dislike) what you see? We invite you to take part in the debate by contributing your opinions, as well.

With education laying the groundwork for the future of the philanthropy sector, you won’t want to miss this issue of Alliance.

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The latest issue of Alliance investigates the growing field of research and teaching about philanthropy worldwide and asks: what does this mean for practitioners?

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7th March 2017



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