Philanthropy Basics

Get a lay of the land with our Philanthropy Basics. Discover key terms and types of grantmaking institutions. Find professional development groups, peer networks, and more.

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Who hasn’t been in a meeting when a new concept is shared that sounds a bit like jargon, but also seems like something important to know? The field of philanthropy is full of such key terms and concepts. Our glossary can help you make sense of them.


Are you looking for deeper connections to peers and thought leaders? Do you want to find new partners or trusted sources for new research? Navigate the field with our directory of professional development organizations, philanthropy-serving organizations, research providers, peer networks, and more.

Key Distinctions

In philanthropy, there are many paths to creating impact. You have a number of options for how to structure your grantmaking work. These key distinctions are essential for anyone new to grantmaking to know.