Navigate the field with our directory of professional development organizations, affinity groups, research providers, peer networks, and more.

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General Membership Associations and Networks

Organizations focused on field-wide issues and with broad-based membership, including networks of grantmakers.

Regional Associations of Grantmakers

Organizations with members from a particular geographic region. Regions covered range from a single metropolitan area to several states.

Affinity Groups

Organizations and networks of grantmakers focused on a special area of concern and/or with a specialized membership. Often organized around issue areas, identities and institutional roles, or institutional types.

Research and Information Providers

Organizations providing information of many types and formats – from research reports to online resources – including many that serve this function in addition to other roles. (NOTE: This category does not include academic centers, charity review organizations, or many of the membership or affinity groups which also provide useful research and information.)

Sponsors, Intermediaries, and Other Support Organizations

Organizations that sponsor donor-advised funds, serve as financial intermediaries and funder collectives, or provide other related support to grantmakers and individual donors. (NOTE: The primary sponsors of donor-advised funds are individual community foundations, which are too numerous to list here. Also, this category does not include advisors and consulting organizations.)

International Organizations

Organizations that serve and organize grantmakers across the globe. (NOTE: This directory is primarily focused on U.S.-based organizations, so this category only includes organizations with a global focus rather than a specific country or region.)

Watchdog and Charity Review Organizations

Organizations providing facts about, and reviews of charitable organizations in order to help donors and improve transparency and accountability in the field.

Advisors and Consulting Organizations

Consultants and organizations providing both financial and philanthropic advice and consulting services to grantmakers and individual donors. (NOTE: There are too many advisors and consulting organizations – including banking institutions and law offices – to list here. Therefore, this category contains general directories of advisors, as well as those organizations that are also listed in another category. For an online database of expert, reputable consultants, please visit the National Network of Consultants in Grantmaking’s Directory of Consultants)

Academic Centers and Associations

Centers, based in higher education institutions, that provide research, teaching, and other services to the grantmaking field, as well as major scholarly associations related to philanthropy.

Online Giving Portals

Websites listing giving opportunities and providing centralized mechanisms for online donations.


Major print and online publications in the field, including scholarly journals. (NOTE: This list does not include many widely-read blogs in the field, including many produced by organizations in this directory.)