Power Moves: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice and Webinars

This complete assessment guide for equity and justice will help determine how well you are building, sharing, and wielding power, and identify ways to transform your programs and operations for lasting, equitable impact. The self-assessment toolkit includes ready-to-use guides, insightful anecdotes, and comprehensive resources to help you on your power journey towards high-impact giving.

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Grantmaking at the Grassroots: Building power for equitable systems change — Take a deeper dive into the why’s and how’s of building power effectively for maximum impact.
Daniel Lee, Levi Strauss Foundation
Alejandra L. Ibañez, Woods Fund Chicago
Rhiannon Rossi, Women’s Foundation of California
Elizabeth Tan, E-Tan Consulting
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Ceding Control: Sharing philanthropy’s power for equitable, inclusive relationships — Money means power. For many in philanthropy, ceding control and sharing power is the toughest challenge.
Alfonso Wenker, Team Dynamics LLC
Michelle McMurray, The Pittsburgh Foundation
Jane Leu, Smarter Good and co-author of Unicorns Unite: How Nonprofits & Foundations Can Build Epic Partnerships
Bill Gallegos, Funder Engagement Work Group, Building Equity and Alignment (BEA) Initiative
Lindsie Bear, Humboldt Area Foundation
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May 2018

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