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The Foundation Review Vol. 12 Issue 1 (full issue PDF)



As I write this, we are beginning the fourth week of working from home as COVID-19 continues
to ravage the world and glimmers of hope are appearing. We’re seeing infection and mortality rates slow down as physical distancing measures are having the intended results. (Keeping our distance from other people is now the best way we can show our love of humanity.)

The philanthropic sector has stepped up to meeting the needs of individuals and communities as the twin health and economic crises continue. We’re seeing flexibility on the part of grantmakers in meeting the immediate needs of individuals, families, and organizations. Reporting requirements, funding restrictions, and streamlined proposal processes are being put in place. We’re seeing nonprofit organizations adapt and innovate quickly to meet the need for their services, finding no-contact ways to deliver meals and working to get technology in the hands of people who need to learn or get health care remotely.

Over the next year, as we move from crisis to recovery, we’ll need to continue to innovate. While the articles in this issue were written well before COVID-19 was part of our vocabulary, these authors share tools and frameworks that have great potential for supporting the work of foundations in this next phase.

Wishing health and hope for everyone,

Teresa R. Behrens, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief, The Foundation Review
Executive Director, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University

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