Pathfinder Funder Edition: A Practical Guide to Advocacy Evaluation

FavoritePathfinder is a practical guide to the advocacy evaluation process. This edition guides funders through the advocacy evaluation process from start to finish. Editions for advocates and evaluators are also available. Drawn from Innovation Network’s research and consulting experience, Pathfinder encourages the adoption of a “learning-focused evaluation” approach, which prioritizes using knowledge for improvement.

A Model for Multilevel Advocacy Evaluation

FavoriteThe Colorado Trust has provided three years of general operating support to nine advocacy organizations working to increase access to health through policy change work. The Colorado Trust has worked with Innovation Network to design an evaluation that 1) builds grantees’ capacity to evaluate their work and incorporate real-time feedback into their strategies; 2) monitors the progress of each grantee toward its unique policy goals; and 3) assesses growth in capacity of the health advocacy community in Colorado as a whole.