Foundation Board Leadership: A Closer Look at Foundation Board Responses to Leading with Intent 2017

FavoriteIn an effort to better understand the particular dynamics of foundation boards, BoardSource took a closer look at the subset of responses from the 141 foundation leaders who completed the 2017 Leading with Intent survey. KEY FINDINGS: When it comes to the board’s perceived impact on foundation performance, there are three board characteristics that may matter most: 1) providing guidance and support to the chief executive, 2) the board’s understanding of its roles and responsibilities, and 3) the extent to which the board is adaptable in the face of changes in the environment. Foundation boards lack racial and ethnic diversity Read more

Foundation Board Basics

FavoriteA grantmaking foundation is a charitable tax-exempt organization whose primary function is to distribute funds for charitable purposes. Private foundations are typically formed by individuals, families, or corporations. Regardless of whose generosity is benefiting worthy causes, a foundation needs a governing board (or a board of trustees as foundation board members often are called) because it is structured as a tax-exempt organization. In principle, the role of the foundation board does not differ from that of other nonprofit boards, but foundation boards have specific challenges.