Getting Started in Philanthropy

FavoriteGiving Communities is a resource developed by Bolder Giving to help you find communities of donors with whom you share common interests and values. As you start your giving journey, the six questions offered on this website are a great place to begin. With each one, we’ve offered some suggestions or ideas for reflection to help get you started.

Public or Private? The Empowered Choice

FavoriteThis article in More than Money, discusses how the choices we make about being public or private donors depend on the intricate web of factors that define our own lives. For some, the “right” choice is to be blatantly “out”; for others, it is to be intensely private; for still others, it’s a middle ground – more open in some contexts, more private in others. The key is to choose in an empowered way-with deliberate and aware intention, so that other people’s opinions, your own fears and emotions, societal pressure, or circumstances beyond your control are not making your decisions Read more

Giving Toolkit: Inspire More

FavoriteNo matter how much money or how little money you personally have to give, you can increase your impact a thousand-fold by inspiring the giving of others. (Look at Bill Gates! Even he felt that his best contribution would be to encourage his peers to give, and so he started a 50% Giving Pledge for his fellow billionaires.) We’ll help you explore a variety of ways to inspire the giving of others.

Story Library

FavoriteIn Bolder Giving’s story library, you can browse over 180 stories of extraordinary givers — people who have given at least 20%, and often 50% or even 90% of their income (for three years or more), assets, or business profits — and who embody our “risk more, inspire more” qualities. We are all influenced more by what is “normal” among our peers; without even noticing it, we judge what is possible by what we see around us. Browsing stories of Bold Givers opens our mind and heart to new possibilities. Who are you curious about? People similar to you? People Read more

Bolder Giving Workbook

FavoriteHow do you figure out how much to give? Whether you wrestle with this question yourself or are helping other givers, the Bolder Giving Workbook offers unique perspectives and step-by-step guidance. Enjoy articles, exercises, and stories from amazing givers.