15 Success Stories of Audacious Philanthropy for Large-Scale Social Impact

FavoriteThe 15 case studies shared here complement Bridgespan’s Harvard Business Review article “Audacious Philanthropy: Lessons from 15 World-Changing Initiatives.” Each case study explores in depth the trajectory of change for the initiative and highlights the practical approaches philanthropy took to achieve transformative social impact.

Four Pathways to Greater Giving

FavoriteDespite their aspirations, ultra-wealthy American families donated just 1.2 percent of their assets to charity in 2017. To help them achieve more with their philanthropy, The Bridgespan Group, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, explored what impedes giving to social-change efforts and how four pathways could potentially double the flow of funding to initiatives that could benefit millions.

Give Smart — Philanthropy That Gets Results

FavoriteGetting serious about philanthropy is like embarking on a voyage. But the journey can also quickly become overwhelming; the social and environmental needs are so great that it can be hard to know where to start! To help, we’ve created a wide range of resources to inform and inspire. Explore the sections to learn more about how to get started in your philanthropy and to keep improving as you go.

Lessons in Funder Collaboration: What the Packard Foundation Has Learned about Working with Other Funders

FavoriteFor decades, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation has worked with other funders to solve complex social problems. Recently, The Bridgespan Group helped the Foundation take stock of what it can learn from its many collaborations. This report shares our findings, including five collaborative models Packard uses and factors that raise the chances of a collaboration’s success. Other funders will find the Packard experiences instructive as they consider their own collaborations. Reading time 3 min.

Conversations with Remarkable Givers

FavoriteConversations with Remarkable Givers is an unprecedented collection of more than 1,200 video clips, drawn from 50-plus interviews with philanthropists and foundation leaders. Interviewees discuss important components of philanthropy such as how they involve family and choose which causes to support, and how they work with grantees and measure results.

Six Pathways to Enduring Results: Lessons from Spend-Down Foundations

FavoriteA growing number of foundations and philanthropists have elected to give away their money by a fixed date rather than establish perpetual foundations. The paths they’ve chosen to take, and how they chose them, provide useful tips for other philanthropists on how they can align their giving with a path that best accommodates their goals.

How Do I Work with My Family to Achieve High-Impact Philanthropy?

FavoritePhilanthropy offers an exciting opportunity to bring your loved ones together to support a common cause. However, getting the best possible results with your philanthropy and preserving the social bonds that are important to you can sometimes require trade-offs. The solution to this challenge lies in embracing the personal nature of philanthropy without letting things get too personal and emotional. Reading time 8 min.

Nonprofit Due Diligence: Donor Decision Tool

FavoriteDeciding the level of nonprofit research your grant warrants will help you focus on the most important questions and be efficient with your time (and the potential grantee’s). On this webpage are a list of documents that focus on varying degrees of research. Choose the “Light-Touch Approach” for grants that are smaller or less critical, then move to a more intensive approach as your grant warrants.