Building Evaluation Capacity

FavoriteEvaluation is a process that applies systematic inquiry to program management, improvement, and decision making. Evaluation is also used to assess the status or progress of a strategy (i.e., a group of meaningfully connected programs, not just the simple aggregation of multiple programs) or an initiative (a grouping of strategies). Evaluation Capacity is the ability of staff and their organizations to do evaluation. Because evaluation is systematic, it involves proficiency in a particular set of skills.

Evaluation Basics for Grantmakers

FavoriteFive Guidebooks for Grantmakers released in 2011, these concise guides provide resources for developing and expanding the use of evaluation and evaluative thinking in Grantmaking organizations. Basic Concepts for Grantmakers Using Logic Models Evaluation Data Collection Evaluative Thinking for Grantmakers Commissioning Evaluation Integrating Evaluative Capacity into Organizational Practice 2012– This manual offers concrete ways to integrate evaluation skills and evaluative thinking, beyond the program level, into everyday organizational practice, helping to ensure stronger programs and to support more effective organizations that are better able to deliver on their missions. The new guide also includes a review of Evaluation Essentials and Read more