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An Evaluation of Community Foundation Investment Returns & Payout Rates

FavoriteIn March 2021, we launched An Evaluation of Community Foundation Investment Returns & Payout Rates, phase two of our payout rate research series, focusing on payout rates of community foundations statewide and nationally, as well as in comparison to their private foundation peers.

An Evaluation of Private Foundation Model Portfolios, Investment Returns, and Payout Rates

FavoriteAs a leadership organization that puts equity at the center and is committed to creating space for reflective conversation, CMF continues to ask the question: Have the market forces and growth in philanthropy—and for CMF, growth in Michigan philanthropy specifically—changed enough to warrant an increase in the 5% rule for private foundations? In 2020 CMF partnered with the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Plante Moran Financial Advisors to deepen and expand past research exploring the 5% payout rate to help answer this question, building on the learnings of previous studies we’ve commissioned over the past 20 years. An Evaluation of Read more

Ten Essential Responsibilities of Foundation Board Chairs

FavoriteFew roles are more significant in ensuring a foundation’s success than that of the board chair. But many board chairs find the role daunting and lack understanding of what is expected of them. This 22-page resource will help new and seasoned board chairs understand their 10 essential responsibilities and gain practical tips for carrying them out. The responsibilities are adaptable to all foundation types: family, community, private/independent or unstaffed.

CMF / Johnson Center Grantmaking Series

FavoriteThis practitioner-led learning series of webinars and workshops, offered by the Council of Michigan Foundations and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, teaches the techniques of effective grantmaking to both new and seasoned foundation professionals. The sessions are highly practical, academically rigorous, and designed to be as accessible and affordable as possible. Participants who complete the series will receive a Certificate of Completion.

New Perspectives on Michigan Community Foundations

FavoriteCombining both longitudinal and contextual population data, this report offers new ways to think about community foundation growth and alternative benchmarks for individual community foundation trustees and executive leaders to use in planning and evaluation.

Equity: is Your Foundation Ready to Invest in Building Opportunity for All?

FavoriteTo help foundation leaders and their boards begin essential conversations about marginalized populations and determine the extent to which their organization’s culture and grantmaking practices are aligned with a commitment to expanding opportunity in the communities they serve, CMF developed this discussion guide and self-assessment.

Is Your Foundation Leveraging the Power of Differences?

FavoriteBased on extensive research and experience emerging from its Transforming Michigan Philanthropy initiative, the Council of Michigan Foundations has developed this discussion guide and assessment tool to help foundation leaders begin essential conversations about the power of differences and determine the level of their organization’s readiness for growth.

Impact on Giving After the Repeal of the Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit

FavoriteThis study assesses the initial impact of the 2011 repeal of the Community Foundation Tax Credit in Michigan. The Council of Michigan Foundations commissioned the study with the hope of using the data to better understand the role of incentives in charitable giving and to leverage legislative support for community foundations.