Capital and Collaboration – An In-Depth Look at the Community Investment System in Massachusetts Working Cities

FavoriteThis publication presents the work of the Capital & Collaboration Initiative, a cross-sector effort designed to increase the scale, efficiency and impact of investments in Massachusetts cities of more than 35,000 people (excluding Boston.) The initiative has identified several cross-cutting priority areas for action that are important to achieving their broader goal of transformative change.

Activating the Power of Place: A Case Study of Market Creek

FavoriteThis article tells the story of a placed-based initiative to develop well-being and wealth in the historically underserved Diamond Neighborhood in San Diego, and discusses the place-based philosophy of the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation and the foundation’s motivation for place-based work.

The Role of the Congregation in Community Service: A Philanthropic Case Study

FavoriteIn this article, an initial evaluation of the Family Leadership Initiative, part of the larger Gatherings of Hope Initiative, a collaboratively designed program to strengthen families and improve children’s education in Grand Rapids, Mich., shows high levels of satisfaction, with students reporting some academic improvements. For the congregations, FLI provided a rare opportunity to collaborate with each other.  

International Programming, Local Development, and Youth: An Experience in Northeast Brazil

FavoriteThis article reports on a 10-year W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded program of local development work in selected geographic areas in Northeast Brazil. The greatest lesson was the fundamental importance of intentional strategies to bring all three sectors together, to attract and facilitate public and private sector involvement in civil society projects for local development and poverty reduction.