Voices From the Field III: Lessons and Challenges for Foundations Based on Two Decades of Community-Change Efforts

FavoriteTo date, there is little evidence that CCIs have been able to achieve population-level change in key outcomes; however, they have built community capacity. Building upon a previously published volume on Comprehensive Community Initiatives, this article focuses upon the implications for foundations of what has been learned about CCIs.

Scope, Scale, and Sustainability: What It Takes to Create Lasting Community Change

FavoriteThis paper examines 11 comprehensive community initiatives to better understand how these complex efforts can reach the scope, scale, and sustainability needed to achieve lasting community change. While there has been a fair amount of discussion in the field about what has not worked, there has been less analysis of the specific practices, approaches, and mechanisms that do lead to success. This paper looks at those success factors as they relate specifically to the ability of a comprehensive community initiative to achieve the scope and scale required to generate community-level outcomes and to sustain those positive impacts over time.