Connecticut Toolkit for Giving

FavoriteConnecticut Toolkit for Giving By giving to charitable and philanthropic organizations, we exercise our support for the goals, the people and the purposes we believe in. Giving is our individual response to human needs; it gives our wealth meaning and engages us in shaping a better world. There are many ways to give. This is your guide to finding the choice that is right for you. Planning your giving Worthwhile considerations prior to planning your charitable giving. Ways to Give Key points about eight options for giving. Why do we give A listing of reasons why we choose to give. Read more

Grantmaker Response to State Fiscal Crisis

FavoriteIn an effort to better understand the philanthropic landscape, we at the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy circulated a survey asking members if and how they are responding to the state’s fiscal crisis. We had a strong response to this survey, with about 30% of members completing it. Thanks to all of you who took time out to provide input about your foundation. Results: State Fiscal Crisis Survey At this time, about 25% of respondents are currently responding to the fiscal crisis. The vast majority of these grantmakers are responding with increased grant support to non-profits. Some grantmakers, about 33%, are Read more

Co-Creation: Viewing Partnerships Through A New Lens

Favorite“Co-Creation” is a series of case studies about the Connecticut Early Childhood Funder Collaborative, a project of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy. The case studies, written by Patricia Bowie, examine co-creation, an emerging systems change collaboration model which grew out of a funder-and-state partnership. This unique partnership led to the creation by executive order of a new and independent Office of Early Childhood, which was formally approved by the Connecticut State Legislature in 2013.

Guiding Principles and Effective Practices for Connecticut Grantmakers

Favorite The Connecticut Council’s Board of Directors offers these Guiding Principles and Effective Practices to its members and other Connecticut funders to articulate a shared commitment to excellence and to serve as a guide for Connecticut funders as we pursue our missions. Subscribers to these principles share a commitment to the public trust and adhere to the highest standard of ethical behavior in all aspects of our work.  

Framework for Connecticut’s Statewide System of Early Childhood State and Local Partnerships

FavoriteThe report, Framework for Connecticut’s Statewide System of Early Childhood State and Local Partnerships, concludes with a set of recommendations for Connecticut Leaders to consider in creating a statewide network of local or regional early care and education partnerships.